Tri Properties in Durham, NC

Land Services

Acquisition Disposition Development

“Buy land. They’re not making it anymore.” Many of our clients agree with this sentiment from Mark Twain, and we specialize in finding strategic land investments ranging from single lots to large, multi-parcel assemblages.

Tri Properties knows the Triangle market inside and out. That knowledge enables us to find valuable land opportunities — including “off market” deals – and assist clients until the property is sold or developed.

Whether you are buying or selling, one acre or 100 acres, our team has the expertise you need. Market research, value analysis, due diligence, deal structuring, vertical development and much more.

As a privately held company, Tri Properties also has the ability to co-invest in land projects alongside our clients. We are a full-service real estate company that can identify potential buyers or find partners interested in working with us to develop the property.

400+ Acres (Past 5 Years)
$38.5M Total Sales (Past 5 Years)
Why Tri Properties?

Tri Properties manages most of my real estate development activities - zoning, permitting, construction, leasing, property management, etc. - but the greatest value has been in the area of land acquisition and sales. They have helped me get the maximum value from land sales and ensure that projects get closed in a timely manner.
Ed White, White Ventures