Greg Sanchez, SIOR
Greg Sanchez, SIOR CEO
E. Stephen Stroud, SIOR
E. Stephen Stroud, SIOR Senior Executive Vice President
Clay Stober, SIOR
Clay Stober, SIOR Executive Vice President
Robin Roseberry Anders, SIOR
Robin Roseberry Anders, SIOR Executive Vice President
Jimmy Barnes, SIOR
Jimmy Barnes, SIOR Executive Vice President
Ed Brown, CCIM, SIOR
Ed Brown, CCIM, SIOR Executive Vice President
Ryan Gaylord, CCIM, SIOR
Ryan Gaylord, CCIM, SIOR Executive Vice President | Corporate Services
Pam Michael
Pam Michael Executive Vice President
Rob Griffin
Rob Griffin Associate Director of Development & Land
John Hibbits
John Hibbits Senior Vice President
Joaquin Canals
Joaquin Canals Senior Vice President
Gray Creech
Gray Creech Senior Vice President
Hunt Wyche
Hunt Wyche Senior Vice President
Kacy Coggin
Kacy Coggin Vice President
Daniel Herring
Daniel Herring Vice President
Michael Wallace
Michael Wallace Vice President
Becky Capps
Becky Capps Vice President
Matthew Watkins
Matthew Watkins Vice President
Carson Wilson
Carson Wilson Associate
Paxton Massarelli
Paxton Massarelli Associate
Tonya Mills
Tonya Mills Vice President, Business Development
Matt Glenn
Matt Glenn Analyst
Richard Hibbits
Richard Hibbits Senior VP
Flynn Jones
Flynn Jones Director of Marketing
Carrie Miller
Carrie Miller Associate Director of Marketing
Jim Marshall
Jim Marshall Director of Development
Matt Baker
Matt Baker Director of Construction Management & General Contracting
Randy Thorpe
Randy Thorpe Associate Director of Construction
Greg Taylor
Greg Taylor Director of Property Management
Michelle Deese
Michelle Deese Associate Director of Property Management
Shane McGroarty
Shane McGroarty Senior Property Manager
Blair Pessetto
Blair Pessetto Property Manager
Matt Turnbull
Matt Turnbull Property Manager
Mallory Jones
Mallory Jones Property Manager
Jeanette Horton
Jeanette Horton Property Manager
Celia McCauley
Celia McCauley Property Manager
Lyne Riddle
Lyne Riddle CFO